Spouse Behind Bars? What It Means To Your Parenting Agreement

Parenting agreements are the new catch-all term used to describe several child-centered issues during divorce. Everything from child custody and visitation to child support falls into the parenting agreement bucket. In most cases, great care must be used when creating the plan because they are often difficult to alter. When one parent is jailed for a long time, you might want to understand how it affects your parenting agreement. Read on for some guidance on what to expect. Read More 

Tips For Filing A Disability Claim

If you have an injury or illness that is preventing you from working regularly, you're likely wanting to file for social security disability. It's important that you take the right steps that you can improve your chances of getting approved so that you're able to get the financial help that you need to carry on with your life. Many people rush through the process or don't take the right steps, and then find out that they're denied. Read More 

Some Facts On Worker’s Comp

Most people know the very basics of workers comp insurance and that is that it is an insurance paid into by employers that covers employees who get injured on the job. However, there are a lot of other interesting facts that you may want to know about it. Here are some of those interesting worker's comp facts: Not all employers offer worker's comp The laws regarding worker's comp insurance depends on the state you work in and can also depend on the number of employees the company has. Read More 

Top Steps To Take When In A Car Accident

The last thing you'll want to do is be in a car wreck. However, this can happen to any person at any time of the day. The key to getting through this challenging time may rest in knowing the right things to do. There are many steps you should take after being in a collision, and knowing these may be helpful. 1. Contact the proper officials Regardless of how severe your accident is, it is vital to call the police. Read More 

Who Do You Pursue A Car Accident Case Against?

One of the more confusing issues people often bring to a car accident attorney is the question of who exactly will be the defendant. This gets especially cloudy in situations involving no-fault insurance policies because there can be clauses that require people to file claims through their carriers. Several other scenarios can play out where it's not as simple as filing against the other driver. This article will take a look at the complexities of these issues and learn what a car accident lawyer might recommend. Read More