When A DUI Lawyer Cannot Help You: Knowing When Your Choices Have Left You Behind

In many situations where you chose to drink and drive, a DUI lawyer can help. First offenses are the equivalent to a court warning. The law makes you want to pay attention to what you have done and then, hopefully, you decide not to do it again. If you do get another DUI, a lawyer may still be able to help you. So, when can a DUI lawyer no longer be of help to you? Read More 

Understanding Personal Injury Pain And Suffering Calculations

If you have sustained an injury during an accident, then you can claim damages and receive compensation for them. There are a number of different types of damages, including ones for property, missed days at work, and injuries. You have likely heard of pain and suffering as well. However, pain and suffering damages are far less concrete than the other types, especially since there is no easy way to calculate the damages. Read More 

Searching For A Career? Why You Should Become A Court Reporter

The search for a new career can be simultaneously both exciting and a bit frustrating. The thrill comes in when you think about becoming a vital part of a field that you enjoy and which allows you to support yourself. However, trepidation can arise when you aren't sure which direction you want to go in. While you might be thinking about getting involved in a field that you've been a part of in the past, it might be time for you to expand yourself. Read More 

Closing On A Real Estate Deal Soon? Why You Should Take A Real Estate Lawyer With You

If you are getting ready to close on an upcoming real estate deal, you are going to want to make sure that you are walking in there with a skilled lawyer by your side. Specifically, this will be a real estate lawyer. Not yet sure that this is something that you should really do? You should review the following points to learn how he or she can truly help you: Read More 

Double-Dipping: Repeated Bankruptcy Filings

When your financial troubles just never seem to quit, you may need to consider filing for bankruptcy a second time. While you may have hoped to never again be in that particular situation, it can happen. High medical bills, misuse of credit and lack of savings can play havoc with the best laid financial plans. There are no real rules about the number of times you may file for bankruptcy in a lifetime, but there are some time constraints to be aware of, so read on to learn more about the timing of any repeated filings: Read More