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Some Dos And Don’ts Of Asset Transfer To A Living Trust

A living revocable trust can help protect your assets and your family. But how many assets should you transfer to the trust? And what kinds of assets should you add or not add to it? Here are a few dos and don'ts of asset transfer.  Do Transfer Large Value Assets Start your trust with the most high-value items you own and want to protect. This generally starts with your primary home, any secondary or investment real estate, vehicles, and valuable collections (like art, antique cars, or vintage comic books). Read More 

Advice For Working With A Divorce Lawyer Properly

Some marriages end pretty abruptly, and it's a stressful thing to go through. Divorce attorneys can make it less difficult though if you work with them correctly. This approach will help you get through divorce proceedings with a former spouse. Provide Facts About Marriage In order for the divorce attorney to put together a complete picture of your relationship with your current spouse, you need to give them facts about the marriage. Read More 

Hiring Legal Expertise During Estate Litigation Cases

Death is a very veiled topic that most people are uncomfortable discussing, especially when it involves someone close to them. The death of a breadwinner often places the family's financial security in imminent jeopardy. Such concerns are why most people prepare wills and take life insurance policies to protect those they hold dear when they die. While the steps are vital to guarantee the family's security, some people die before preparing their wills, increasing the likelihood of estate litigations. Read More 

Tips For Working With A Legal Headhunter

If you are trying to find a new job as an attorney, one approach is to work with a headhunter, or a recruiter. These professionals work with various employers and help them find employees with the right skill set to fill positions. A headhunter will help you find a job, but this is a collaborative process; you need to put in some effort as well. The following tips will help you more effectively work with the headhunter and land a position that's right for you. Read More 

How Personal Injury Attorneys Can Help With Premise Liability Situations

When a commercial property owner doesn't maintain their property correctly and it causes you to hurt yourself, that's a premise liability situation. It falls under personal injury so hiring a personal injury lawyer is an appropriate response. They'll help you sort out this legal situation so you don't have to alone. Keep Property Owner From Covering Up Evidence Sometimes with premise liability cases, the party at fault will try to hide the fact that their negligence caused a victim to get injured. Read More